Paint Wars is a game coming out in a decade or 2 (or 3) similar to Splatoon. The game will have full character customization, about 5 different modes, a single player campaign that lasts about +10 hours, voice chat with a swearing filter, and many more features.

Weapons Edit

The current weapons are a Paintbrush, the Big Brush, the Bucket, and a Paint Roller.

Paint Brush Edit

The Paint Brush is the weapon that you get when you first start the game. Some info about the game.

Paint Brush
  1. It has short range.
  2. The damage output is good.
  3. You can't run while using it.
  4. Low paint usage.

Big Brush Edit

The Big Brush is another weapon that you get later on in the game. Some info about the weapon.
Big Brush
  1. It has medium range.
  2. The damage output is average.
  3. You can run using it, but you are slow when doing so.
  4. Medium paint usage.

Bucket Edit

The Bucket is another weapon you get later. Here is some information about this weapon.

  1. It is the longest ranged weapon in the game.
  2. The damage output is better than the Big Brush.
  3. You slow down A LOT if you run and use it.
  4. Uses more paint than Big Brush.

Roller Edit

The roller is one of the last weapons you get in the game.

Paint Roller
  1. It is one of the shortest ranged weapons in the game.
  2. The damage varies depending on how you attack.
  3. You are fast when running and using it.
  4. Uses the most paint.

Ways to attack using the roller:

  1. Rolling over someone
  2. Flinging enough paint at them
  3. And crushing them.

Spray Paint Edit

One of the weapons later on.

Spray Paint
  1. Short range, but longer than the Roller.
  2. Damage output is low.
  3. Rapid spray rate.
  4. Uses less paint than the Roller, but more than the Bucket.

Game Modes Edit

Capture the flag Edit

Exactly what it sounds like.

Ride the tower! Edit

Also exactly what it sounds like.

Paint the world Edit

Similar to Turf War. Paint as much as the map!

War! Edit

1 life, 5 rounds, up to 12 people fighting to the death, and the winner of the most rounds is the winner!